The PSI Engineering Automated Packing Slip production system is unique in its operation:


How it works: 

Scans a barcode on the incoming filled carton

Retrieves packing slips or invoices information from the customers server database

Laser Prints and folds the document.

Inserts it into an adhesive pouch.

Re-reads the barcode on the waiting carton to verify the carton is correct

Applies the document to the outside of the carton (either top or side)




ROI typically in less than one year

Increases the Capacity of your Distribution Center

Reduces the number of Packing Stations needed

A Real Laser Printed Packing Slip meets Customer Requirements

The Packing Slip becomes the shipping label. (No separate Label Printer and Applicator required) 

Reduces Bottlenecks

Reduces Labor Costs


Call us to have a representative determine your requirements 

02 9874 0808



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