The Sidewinder pharmaceutical outserter from MGS Machine is designed to accurately and efficiency attached outserts such as a product brochures and other forms of product information to pharmaceutical bottles. 



  • Versatile standard design allows the SideWinder™ to be supplied as a stand-alone machine, provided with a conveyor, or fit over an existing line.
  • MGS' standard rotary motion is a proven design that creates a clean and simple picking motion and has years of field-tested experience.
  • Clean GMP design eliminates the possibility of lost outserts in the machine and reduces time spent in outsert count validation.
  • Easy-to-load horizontal powered magazine means a lower, more ergonomic magazine load height.
  • Open station prior to outsert placement allows for additional functions, such as bar code scanning. This capability can greatly reduce waste and rework.
  • Many options available such as various styles of bottle metering devices, allowing the end user to customize the machine to their specific needs.


  • Output: Up to 250 bottles per minute
  • Power: 230 VAC, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz
  • Air: 80PSI Filter and Regulator Provided
  • Minimum Outsert Size: 28.7mm (L) x 28.7mm (H) x 7.62mm Thick
  • Maximum Outsert Size: 69.85mm (L) x 101.6mm (H) x 9.65mm Thick


  • Machine Orientation
  • Casters
  • Powered Magazine – many lengths available
  • Upstream/Downstream Surge Protectors
  • Low Level Magazine Sensor
  • Tabletop Conveyor
  • Missed Detection System With or Without Buzzer
  • Bottle Turning Modules
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Other Drive Options
  • Venturi Vacuum System
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Product Reject Station With Reject Verification
  • Floor Stand
  • Screw Height Adjustment

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