The carton inspecition module from MGS Machine accurately verifies and rejects damaged, faulty or incorrect products. The module also has the ability to print important information such as time, date and batch numbers onto outgoing cartons of products. The inspection module checks outgoing product for defects such as open flaps or damage rejecting them into a separate bin if neccessary. The design of the system allows it to be easily integrated into existing lines.



  • Multiple panel card capacity
  • Tool-less size changeovers
  • Compatible with cartoners such as the Eclipse, Stealth, Stealth II
  • Includes four different blister feeding configurations, literature insertion stations and a card folding section
  • Touch screen HMI available
  • Compatible with all types of printers - inkjet or laser
  • Conforms to ANSI safety and cGMP guidelines
  • Air jet reject service
  • Stainless steel main enclosure


  • Output: Up to 300 CPM
  • Power: 230 VAC, 3 Phase (with disconnect), 60 Hz
  • Footprint: 914.4mm x  1219.2mm

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