This Universal Product Feeder will feed High Volumes of a variety products, including:

Books, Cards, CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Paper & Envelopes.


The Feeder load capacity is extendable to stack up to 800mm of product or up to 3000 sheets of paper

Uninterrupted feeding as operator adds new material to the feed stack

Intelligently feeds material in each tote or carton as they pass on a conveyor


Longer run time between loading which allows for three times the capacity of standard friction feeders

Feeds variable width & length of products with up to one inch (25 mm) height capacity


Setup extremely simple compared to standard friction feeders

Perfect for distribution centers with space constraints

Feeds Polywrapped products with ease. 

Conact us to have an Impact Automation Representative to determine your requirments:


02 9874 0804


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