The Topserter II pharmaceutical outserter from MGS Machine is designed to accurately adhere outserts containing product information onto cartons or bottles. The outserter utilizes a four head rotary system to continuously apply the outserts at a high output, thus increasing effeciency while also maintaining accuracy.



  • Designed to meet relevant CGMP guidelines, reducing cleanup and inspection.
  • Standardized FAT, IQ and OQ protocols are included, assiting to reduce commissioning and validation. 
  • Quick and easy changeover utilizing change parts and digital screw adjustments.
  • Easy-to-load ergonomic magazine with outsert tray shelf. 
  • The ability to incorporate most outsert identification devices: bar code scanners, vision and smart sensors. 
  • Easily installs over most conveyor lines. 
  • Hot-melt adhesive system.


  • Power: 208/230 VAC 3 Ph 50/60 Hz 30 Amp supply (including the adhesive system)
  • Air: 80 PSI minimum at 0.6 SCFM Filter and Regulator Provided
  • Output: Up to 250 bottles per minute
  • Hot melt adhesive system with optional tabletop conveyor
  • Minimum Outsert Dimensions: 25.4mm x 25.4mm x 3.17mm thick
  • Maximum Outsert Dimensions: 76.2mm x  76.2mm x 9.52mm thick


  • Four, Six or Eight-Foot Long Powered Magazine 
  • Extended Capacity Prefeeder 
  • Timing Screw or Random Cycle Bottle Control 
  • Stepper or Servo Drive 
  • Low Noise Vacuum Systems



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