The top loading pharmaceutical cartoning system from MGS Machine is designed to take a blank, flattened cardboard carton, erect it using a servo motion head before then filling it with a variety of different products. Cartons are then transported along the line to be closed and sealed, ready for distrubution or further labelling. The pharmaceutical cartoner was designed with ergonomics in mind and is extremely easy to load and operate.


  • Configurable for either auto lock style cartons –or– formed cartons providing flexibility for growth and cost savings.
  • CGMP design is suitable for the pharmaceutical / health care industry.
  • Modular design allows future modification so it’s flexible to meet your future production requirements.
  • Klean Top design eases cleaning and lot batch changeover saving you time.
  • Servo motion is smooth, accomplished with few components for a simple, robust design for a long component life and ease of maintenance.
  • Tool-less changeover allows for fast and accurate changeovers.
  • Ergonomically designed carton magazine is easy to load limiting operator injury and strain.
  • Complete with the latest ANSI/PMMI B155.1 safeguarding standards ensuring regulatory compliance and your staff safety.
  • Metric design meets international standards
  • Validation assistance included at no extra cost saves you money and time during start up and commissioning 



  • Vial Cards
  • Ampules / Vials
  • Bottles
  • Syringes and Droppers
  • Personal Care / Cosmetic
  • Food


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