The Rotary Pick 'n Place range of tray denesters and product placers from MGS Machine are very versatile pieces of equipment. The denesters can place the lid onto a tray or tub as it passes underneath on the production line. We offer timing screws or actuators to ensure the tray remains in time with the unit and that the lid is placed correctly. These denesters have been installed in a variety of different applications within Australia and New Zealand involving, biscuit trays, lid placing, meat production (including red meat, seafood and poultry)



  • Multifold Coupons
  • Paper/Plastic Plates
  • Labels
  • Envelopes
  • Parchment Paper
  • Flat Cartons
  • Glassine
  • Packets
  • Card Stock
  • Greeting Cards
  • Single Sheet Paper Stock
  • Select Trays



  • Speeds up to 600 cycles per minute. 
  • Multiple magazine formats to increase speed output speed
  • High speed placing, collating, or batch counting of literature inserts and other stackable items
  • Smooth, quiet motion - no greasy chains or noisy gears
  • Easily configured in either single or multiple lanes
  • Ideal for applications with multiple products or line space constraints
  • Fixed pin arrangement creates a clean and simple picking motion and requires no lubrication. 
  • Quick and easy product changeover means less downtime and greater machine efficiency


  • Dimensions:  159mm x 597mm x 330mm
  • Minimum product dimensions: 26mm x 26mm
  • Power: 240 VAC 15 Amps Max (with optional vacuum pump)
  • Air: 80 PSI (if required)


  • Machine orientation
  • Quick change magazine
  • Adhesive system
  • Missed item detection
  • Timing screw indexer
  • Right angle gearbox drive
  • SCR drive motor


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