• The 'Evolution 10' weighing and punnet filling machine is able to accurately pack up to 100 punnets of sweet cherries per minute. It is also available in a 6 head models which will run at 60 punnets per min.
• The base model is adapted slightly for the produce it packs, as it has different characteristics. Grape and Cherry tomatoes, Blueberries and Sweet cherries are handled slightly differently on this versatile machine.

• The Cherry model has wider scales and cups to accommodate movement of the product with stems. It is also slowed down to ensure weight accuracy as often two or more cherries are clustered together.

The machine has a wide range of features including:
• - A large, easy to use, colour touch screen interface.
• - Accuracy, reliability and gentleness.
• - Transverse belt gently distributes the fruit to the vibratory trays to deliver the correct amount to the scales.
• - Specially designed to minimise drops of the product to lessen the impact on the produce.
• - All contact parts being constructed from food grade materials and stainless steel
• - Wash down capability
• - Easy to clean design
• - Colour coded air supply for ease of maintenance.
• - Electrical board simple to changeover and common in their application.
• - Spare parts always on site with backup supplies in Sydney.

Tags: fruit  

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